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0.0.8 (November 11, 2017)
Player variables are now loaded externally via a JSON file (useful for altering variables w/o recompiling)
Controller support added (but still might be a bit buggy since i haven't tested it)
Renamed "PlayState" to "PrototypeLvl"
Renamed "level.tmx" to "prototypeLvl.tmx"
Global keys (keyboard commands that aren't specific to only a specific game screen) can now be added
Added global key "F" to toggle in-game fullscreen
All level classes extend "BaseLevel" instead of "FlxState" for easier more global functions shared between levels (Like adding enemies to the level)
Working on a more dynamic way of loading TiledEditor maps:
 - TileMap properties can be set externally (Good for multiple levels, but still a WIP)
 - Streamable Sprites (WIP)
 // Info: Streamable Sprites are sprites that can be dynamically created and destroyed as the camera pans, useful for useful for lightening the CPU and MEM usage (If you have hundreds of sprites in a map, they will not all be created at once)
"Shooting Star" gun's bullet animation plays slightly faster
Added a new TiledEditor level "shadingTest.tmx" to experiment with fragment shaders
// Note: still a work in progress, it'd take some time for me to be able to use excessive lighting in scenes

0.0.7 (November 10, 2017)
Adjusted Player "speed" from 180 to 150
Player is allowed to go slightly faster in midair (increased speedcap in midair)
Prototype Level's BG color is now Dark-light Purple
Implemented Base Enemy (The entity that all Slimes/Enemies will inherit base-beheivours/attributes from)
 - // Note: When changes occur to "Base Enemy" all "Enemy" objects that inherit from it are also altered.
 - Default graphic is a dark red 32 x 32 square
 - Is now rendered above BG tiles and Player, but under FG tiles
 - Now has harmful = true variable (to switch between hurt on-touch or not)
 - Now has _canMove = true variable
 - Now has HP_Max & HP_Current variables
 - Now has physics variables implemented (Placeholder values are the same as the Player for now)
 - Now collides against Player bullets (Default behaviour is to slightly push back the enemy)
Star Bullets are now rendered above BG tiles and Player, but under FG tiles

0.0.5 (November 9, 2017)
Adjustments to Prototype Level:
 - Collision (White) tiles are now invisible
 - Implemented Background tile layer (for tiles behind the player)
 - Implemented Foreground tile layer (for tiles infront of the player)
 - Player is now rendered above BG tiles, but under FG tiles
 - Level is now slightly wider and a bit more elaborate (Demonstraits BG-Player-FG Dynamic)
Adjusted Camera lerp slightly
Removed screenshake for "Shooting Star" gun
Removed pushback for "Shooting Star" gun

0.0.4 (November 6, 2017)
Removed Scalene's Crouch animation
Added slight screenshake when firing "Shooting Star" gun
Added some pushback to the Player when firing "Shooting Star" gun
Adjusted Player physics
Adjusted Player hitbox for easier hopping between vertical tiles
Cleaned up some code

0.0.3 (November 5, 2017)
Implemented Scalene (Player)
 - Implemented movement on input
 - Implemented jump mechanic
 - Added animations
Implemented mechanic "Shooting Star" gun
Added Prototype TILED level

Initial prototype release


0.0.8.rar 5 MB